The Botetourt Board of Supervisors agreed to have the Planning and Zoning office go to work on amending the county zoning ordinance to add what could become a Residential R-4 housing district when it met in regular session last week.

The decision to consider a code change was prompted by the Planning and Zoning staff— although it’s been alluded to before— after a developer requested changes to the zoning ordinance to allow more density in the Residential R-3 district and an increase in the maximum height for multi-family dwellings in the district.

According to Zoning Administrator Nicole Pendleton’s report to the supervisors, Jake Turner representing Martlet LLC has applied to rezone two parcels at the end of Commons Parkway in Botetourt Commons in Daleville for up to 266 dwelling units.

Her report said the staff has spent a significant amount of time working with Turner and believes amending the zoning ordinance and adding the R-4 district would be more appropriate than considering another text amendment to the zoning ordinance.

In considering the code changes, Planning and Zoning recommended changing the definitions that guide the determination of new acreage, that are used to calculate maximum density for a parcel. Staff reported the definitions are outdated and confusing, and general edits to the zoning ordinance would eliminate confusion at the same time a new R-4 is created.

It’s expected the supervisors and Planning Commission will get a preview of the proposed changes during a joint work session in October.

Arkay Agreement

The supervisors also approved a Local Economic Development Performance Agreement with Arkay Packaging and Emkay Holdings LLC for another expansion at the company’s facility in EastPark Commerce Center off Cloverdale Road.

Arkay will invest at least $15.5 million in new equipment and add at least 50 new jobs within five years under the terms of the agreement that will provide $225,000 in economic development retention incentives from the county.

The incentives from the county will be paid once Arkay makes the approved capital investment. The incentives will be paid through its machinery and tools tax listings.

The Botetourt Economic Development Authority (EDA) adopted a resolution approving the development agreement when it met August 4.

YMCA Funding

The supervisors also followed the EDA’s recommendation and agreed to issue up to $8 million in tax-exempt revenue bonds to finance the acquisition, construction and equipping of the Botetourt Family YMCA that’s planned for Daleville Town Center.

The EDA approved the bond issue earlier in the month.

The proposed 44,000-square-foot facility will be part of the YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge that has been involved in a fundraising effort to build the new facility.

The bond issuance will also refund approximately $2 million in existing, outstanding bonds that were issued by the YMCA in 2002 for the facilities in Salem and Roanoke since those two facilities are a part of the financing for the Botetourt Family YMCA.

Bank of Botetourt is expected to be the lender for the bond issue and wants all three facilities as collateral for the $8 million bond, according to a report to the supervisors.

Supervisor John Williamson III, who sits on the Bank of Botetourt board of directors, abstained from the vote.

Other Business

In other business, the supervisors:

  • Approve a special exceptions permit (SEP) for a cell tower at Blue Ridge Park. The approval came with conditions that included addressing concerns from the National Park Service about being able to see the cell tower from the Blue Ridge Parkway that is nearby. To address that issue, the tower will be no more than 130 feet tall and unlighted. There will also be landscaping at the tower site.
  • Approved a change of proffers and an SEP as requested by Fralin & Waldron to address changes at Daleville Town Center. One of those changes will allow the construction of the Botetourt YMCA and associated all-inclusive playground to be built so it fronts on Roanoke Road (US 220) and can have an adequate size “floorplate” for the facility. The change of proffers deals with realigning the “core area,” the “workplace area” and the “edge area” within the development.
  • Approved an SEP that will allow the Mennonite Church to operate a private school in the Lauderdale Community Center on Wheatland Road just off US 11 south of Buchanan.
  • Approved a noise ordinance variance that provides some leeway for the end of a September 30 tractor/truck pull on the Jeter Farm on Mt. Joy Road near Buchanan.
  • Approve the personal property tax relief rate for the fiscal year. The relief rate this year will be 52 percent for vehicles valued from $1,001 to $20,000 and for the first $20,000 for vehicles valued at over that amount. The county receives just over $3.4 million annually in a state grant as its share of the car tax relief act. Car owners will pay 48 percent of the tax. In 2016, the relief rate was 58 percent and car owners paid 42 percent of the tax.
  • Approved updated emergency medical services billing rates and procedures. There is no change to the fire service billing rates. The charge for basic, advanced life support 1 and advanced life support 2 will be 168 percent of the Medicare allowable rates. Some materials not covered through service billing rates will be charged at cost. Basic life support and actual cost for materials will also be billed for those who decline transport to a medical facility. Non-residents and their insurance companies will be billed directly. If there is any remaining balance after the insurance pays, the non-resident will be given three chances to pay that balance before it is turned over to collections.