Peggy Linkenauger

Peggy Linkenauger started working for the Botetourt County Department of Social Services on August 1, 1977 as an 18-year-old secretary.

Last week, she celebrated 40 years with the department and is Benefit Supervisor for the agency that’s now housed in Botetourt Commons in Daleville.

She is the child of a military father and traveled the world growing up. As a teenager, she went to Lord Botetourt High School where she met her husband, Quinn Linkenauger. They have been married for 40 years and have sons Adam and Matt.

She will tell you she loves Botetourt County and has strong family ties to the community.

She has had many jobs at Social Services and is considered one of the best supervisors around, her staff will tell you. “All of her staff love and admire her,” Senior Benefit Program Specialist Eve Broughman said. “She is very hands-on and where most supervisors don’t work up cases, she does. And she jumps in whenever anyone gets overwhelms or just needs some help.

Linkenauger also serves as the Benefit Program Organization President for the Social Services region.

“She feels client satisfaction is the most important part of our jobs. And is always willing to talk to a client and help in any way possible,” Broughman said.